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The features and benefits of the CampaignHub reports are breathtaking. Gain insight from true experts that will help you to better evaluate your campaigns and make more informed decisions. With your free report you'll receive:

1,234,567+ Reports Sent

10,234,567 Clicks Analysed

$15,234,567 Revenue Optimised

CampaignHub Reporting

Our Fantastic Email Reporting is used by 100s of businesses every day to provide them with simple, effective insight into how their Advertising campaigns are performing.

Easy To Understand

Key Performance Indicators like 'spend', 'return' and 'leads' will be sent straight to you in an easy to understand way.

Cut Wastage

Understand the health and quality of your campaigns to discover how to cut down on wasted spend and get more for your money.

Advanced Technology

Let our technology make suggestions for you each week to improve the health and performance of the campaigns.

Completely Free

Don't pay a penny for our reports, just relax and enjoy free, accurate insights to act upon.

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Grant our experts access to your account in just a few clicks and we'll be able to review and audit your account to provide you with suggestions and insight.

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Enjoy our weekly reporting and review our suggestions to understand how your account performs over time.

Make Changes

Make our recommended changes to your account and we'll keep track of the performance improvements and let you know how well you're doing.


Sit back in comfort and enjoy the benefits of working with a Premier AdWords Partner.

More features

Better Looking

Our beautiful reports focus on the most important information to you, presented in a helpful way which is perfect for business owners, marketing managers or digital analytics. Our Data Team has streamlined the reports to offer a variety of options to cater for different needs and we're constantly adding new features to our reporting to give you better insight.

Access Anywhere

Our reports are set up to head directly to your inbox, which means our numbers and your success aren't hidden behind any platforms or easily forgettable passwords, at any time. You can keep these for your records and refer to them at any time you wish, even if you should decided to leave us in the future.

Bespoke Account Manager Commentary

Each of our accounts is matched to an Account Manager who will oversee your online advertising success. To make sure your reports are a real hub of both data and insights, your account manager can include bespoke summary and comments tailored to you - meaning as we continue our journey together your reports become, more bespoke, and useful, and more powerful!

Mobile Friendly

Our emails are 100% responsive which means you can access the key information on any device, at any time that suits you. In this way, our mutual success as visible as possible at all times.

Always beautiful

Trust, Transparency & Performance

Trust a, Google Premier Partner with your reporting and leverage qualified, expert Account Managers to provide you with bespoke analysis.

Harness the power of exclusive, successful optimisation technology

Expert analysis vetted by Google, helping you report on performance All this delivered to you every week.

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